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Help us find the cause and cure for Lupus, debilitating, life-threatening autoimmune disease. We provide health education, support services, public awareness and fund research.

Success Story

In January Julie called our toll-free number nervous  and frightened. She had recently been diagnosed with lupus and didn't know what to expect. She had experienced debilitating joint pain and stiffness for years and now her doctor told her that her kidneys had become seriously involved. Her doctor offered little information about her disease. Her neighbor told her it was fatal.

We reassured Julie and answered her many questions.  We sent her several relevant medical articles as well as the full listing of articles (750+) and books available from our library. We also referred her to one of our 28 sub-chapters that offered our education class and held regular support group meetings. She visited our extensive website often and participated in a Support Group with other lupus sufferers. She also joined our Buddy Program which matches newly diagnosed patients with an “experienced” patient to discuss what to expect and how to navigate the illness.

Two months later, Julie called again to tell us how much our information had helped her. The education class helped her understand the disease and the local support group provided an outlet for her frustrations. Julie is now successfully living with lupus.  She is doing so well that she helped us launch the “Living Well with Lupus” program, and leads other lupus patients in yoga and meditation classes.

CFC funding allows us to continue providing vital education and support services to thousands of lupus patients and families each year.

Improving Lives of Lupus Patients

The Lupus Foundation of Northern California offers programs designed to meet both social and educational needs of patients and their families in English and Spanish, both in-person and online. We are focused on those living with lupus as well as on research and advocacy to find a cure.  


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