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Abused/neglected children in foster care deserve dedicated advocates speaking up for their best interests in court. CASA educates and empowers community volunteers who ensure child's needs remain a priority and that they find a safe, stable permanent home.

Success Story

I started out to be a CASA so that I could somehow make a small difference in my community. I ended up being the one who gained. Meeting and getting to know Jenny was a joy. Jerry was a bright, friendly and pretty child with a warm, beautiful smile. She was well developed for her age and looked older than her years. When I was assigned to Jenny's case she had just turned 11 years old. Jenny's mother was addicted to crack cocaine and was making Jenny have sex with her mother's drug dealer in exchange for crack, which began when Jenny was 9. She was placed in a foster home far out in the country and was not treated particularly well. The foster home was beautifully decorated, except for her room. There was only a bed and a dresser and the closet door was broken and wouldn't open. The dresser was full of someone else's clothing, so Jenny kept her clothes in a grocery bag. She was unhappy and lonely in the foster home and desperately wanted to live with her Aunt, who was willing to take Jenny, but wasn't sure if she would be able to get by without financial help. I was able to support Jenny emotionally and advocate for counseling services, financial assistance and transportation for Jenny and her Aunt. This child never asked f or anything and appreciated anything anyone did for her. I always looked forward to my time with Jenny and her family. They accepted me into their home as one of their own. It's been four years since Jenny's case was closed, and I still hear from Jenny and her Aunt from time to time. It has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. - CASA Volunteer