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Saving lives and ensuring financially-needy patients access to proper care. Our volunteer pilots provide free air transportation for distant specialized medical evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation.

Real Life Story

Stretcher Flight Provides Comfort for Lyme Patient

An abnormal pattern of constant fatigue, neck and joint pain led Sydney's parents to have her tested for Lyme disease. Sadly, the 14-year-old Virginian tested positive, and a previous medical condition prevented her from receiving standard treatment. "Earlier in 2013 she was diagnosed with POTS," her father said. "We needed to see a specialist who could treat Sydney for both." POTS is defined as "postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome." POTS patients frequently experience weakness and generally cannot stand up due to risk of fainting.

Angel Flight of Virginia was able to assist when there wasn't a local specialist available to treat Sydney's complex case. Volunteer pilot Chuck flew her in a stretcher-equipped aircraft where she reclined in comfort all the way to Connecticut. At New Haven, Sydney received specialized treatment for Lyme disease in careful relation to her preexisting POTS.

Sydney's story comes with a twist. Ironically, she wrote a national award-winning essay about Angel Flight and patients with Lyme disease when she was ten. While both parents couldn't have foreseen the diagnoses that would follow four years after her essay, today they say Sydney continues to use creativity to reach out to others in need. "She knits scarves for fundraisers and she makes greeting cards to keep in touch with her friends who also have POTS." Her resilience inspires everyone involved at Angel Flight.