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Thousands of kids are sent to the emergency room due to dangerous children's products each year. KID works with parents and caregivers to remove hazardous or recalled products from homes & childcare facilities, and to ensure that products are made safer.

Success Story

It was his parents' worst nightmare. In May 1998, Danny Keysar was found dead in his licensed childcare home in Chicago. The top rails of a Playskool Travel-Lite portable crib had collapsed, strangling him. Shockingly, the crib had been recalled five years earlier; yet his parents, caregiver, and the state inspector who visited the site days earlier were not aware of the recall. Danny was the crib's fifth victim. A total of 19 children have died in portable cribs of similar faulty design. As Danny's legacy and with the hope of preventing future injuries and deaths, his parents founded Kids In Danger (KID).


KID is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting children by fighting for product safety. Our mission is to save lives by enhancing transparency and accountability through safer product development, better education and stronger advocacy for children.


KID continues to protect children by providing parents and caregivers with the tools they need to keep children safe. We are producing new educational materials that will support us in our goal to expand our reach, including virtual safety webinars in the time of COVID. As a voice for parents, KID advocates to regulators, policymakers, media and other organizations about making products safer. Our programs even extend to engineering—KID works with universities on project-based learning to integrate design safety into the curriculum. Additionally, we use big data to gain insight into consumer experience with products, including potential hazards. Our goal is to identify problems before any injuries occur and make that information accessible to parents and providers.