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Provides high-quality, affordable accommodations to transplant patients and their caregivers in a supportive, home-like environment.

Success Story

Lily was just 3 months old when she came down with RSV, but it didn’t go away like most. 2018 began with a visit to the emergency room in North Dakota on New Year’s Day. However, with history of heart complications on her father’s side of the family, an echo cardiogram revealing a diagnosis of Dilated Cardiomyopathy which followed with an immediate flight to Saint Marys Hospital in Rochester, MN.
Lily’s journey to a new heart began. Blood transfusions, a temporary LVAD, Berlin Pump, a breathing tube, and multiple medications helped her through the 6 month wait. For most heart transplants at Lily’s size the wait is an average 3-4 months. In the extended wait, the nurses soon became a family to Lily and her mom and dad. 
On Day 190, July 10th, 2018, Lily received her new heart. From “the scariest time of [their] lives” when Ryan and Trista Montgomery thought their baby girl was dying, to a day of hope, courage and strength began their countdown to go back home. Less than one month later, Lily and her mom left the hospital and came to Gift of Life Transplant House where she would spend the next month and a half recovering and celebrating her 1st birthday! She is a piece of sunshine at Gift of Life Transplant House, “becoming more social by the day, giving everyone at the house big smiles.” 
“Our story may inspire others. In the real world, you have no idea this is going on. It’s amazing what stories are told in this house.” Lily’s future is bright and recovery has been quick at Gift of Life Transplant House. With her first steps right around the corner, her parents are preparing for a lifetime of adventure and activities.