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Critically ill patients need care which may be located far from home. We provide no-cost long distance air transportation for financially needy patients requiring access to distant specialized medical evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

Real Life Story

Kissed by an Angel

Dante was ill, but that was the extent of anyone's knowledge. Doctors repeatedly misdiagnosed him. Marlo, the boy's mother, continued to search for answers. Dante saw a geneticist at John's Hopkins, who determined he had a lysosomal storage disease. Instead of expelling the trash that cells don't need, Dante's cells keep it.

This discovery, coupled with other symptoms, led doctors to conclude that Dante has the juvenile onset form of Batten's disease. This is an inherited disorder that primarily affects the central nervous system. The condition only worsens with time. No cure has been discovered, and the disease is terminal.

In the spring, Marlo and Dante flew with Angel Airlines for Life to Boston, Massachusetts for a consultation with a Batten's disease specialist. They flew again to Columbus, Ohio to the Batten Disease Support and Research Association Conference. Doctors from all over the world who specialize in Batten's disease will be studying Dante in a clinical setting, trying to find answers.

"It's a blessing that we have angels who don't mind helping. God is a healer and has sent his angels to us," said Marlo.

Despite his limitations, Dante's spirit knows no boundaries. He is now 14, and greets everyone with a smile and a kiss?or many kisses. While many questions remain, there is at least one answer: Dante's greeting is the closest thing to being kissed by an angel.