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1301 N Mays Street
Round Rock,  TX 78664
Phone: 979-836-0901


Miracle Farm is a residential boys ranch helping teenage boys overcome trauma and behavioral challenges; repair family relationships; complete their education; and gain vocational skills.

Success Story

Teenage Boy Finds His Confidence at Miracle Farm

Before arriving at Miracle Farm, David was a frustrated teenage boy with a natural bent for conflict. The Farm offered a perfect fit for his needs.

Learning how to ride and team rope during his 20-month stay turned a key for success. Riding built a self-confidence that spilled over into other areas of David's life, and he continues today to participate in local team roping events.

"I enjoyed the challenge, excelled at it and it stuck," shared David, now a senior in high school. "Riding calms me down and I feel a lot better about myself."

In the two years since David returned home, things have gone very smoothly. The 16-year-old has held an excellent GPA and is an officer on his high school FFA landscape design team. He stays busy with Boy Scouts and is actively involved with his church youth group, which he feels this is a vital to building upon the profession of faith he made while at Miracle Farm. After graduation, David will attend college and study landscape design.

"My experience at the Farm changed my perspective on what I should focus on most. It taught me to stop and think before I act," David affirmed.

Both David and his parents still remember the days of frustration and dead ends and appreciate the strides they have made as a family, noted Darlene.

"Miracle Farm has truly become another branch on our family tree."