Old Mill Center For Children And Families Inc.

(aka) Old Mill Center For Children and Families, Inc.

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1650 SW 45th Place
Corvallis,  OR 97333
Phone: 541-757-8068


A full service provider of preschool, mental health, early intervention and parent support for children birth to 18 with physical disabilities and emotional challenges. .

Success Story

We are resource parents. We choose to invite children to join our family who have experienced major trauma and loss. We have training, support, and guidance to interventions that can help us. The challenges we face as we walk alongside these kids still bring us to our knees.

There are forces that help us believe we can reasonably hope for better days ahead. One is Old Mill. Their therapeutic approach reliably reaches these kids using evidence-based methods in creative activities. Staff is experienced and resourceful, and compassionate. Now these kids have far more adults committed to their success, and it’s a daily relief to know we are not alone.

As resource parents it is such an incredible comfort, honestly a burden lifted, to have such a staunch, stalwart, dependable ally. It’s almost impossible to find someone who would be willing and able to babysit some of our kids for two hours. Old Mill has them for like 20 hours per week. And in those hours that child is receiving speech therapy, occupational therapy, play interaction therapy, behavioral therapy, progress evaluations, and building positive relationships. They are enjoying social, supportive interactions filled with joy and fun.

The counseling services at Old Mill are second to none. When we brought these behaviors forward, and our toolbox exhausted, the counselor had many more tools to try for miles. It’s fortifying to have an ally that covers your inadequacies and has tons more fresh ideas when you’ve spent all of yours.

Old Mill has made a very real and tangible difference in the lives of the kids that pass through our home and tons of kids in the heart of the Willamette Valley, to say nothing of their parents.


Did you know that monthly donors make roughly twice the impact over time than those who make one-time donations? Our Magic Makers monthly donor program is made up of members in our community who are maximizing their impact. Help us reach our goal of 10 new Magic Makers this year, and give children in our community a chance at a great start in life!

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