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Oakland,  CA 94612
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Helping families escape poverty and domestic violence by ensuring equal access to justice, safety-net programs, economic self-sufficiency, and youth and veteran justice.

Success Story

Dana is a mother of two and a domestic violence survivor. When she came to BayLegal she had been suffering from three years of beatings from an abusive husband and felt frightened and overwhelmed. Dana sought BayLegal's help in seeking a divorce, custody of her children, and housing assistance. The advocate helped her to locate safe housing and develop a safety plan for herself and her children. When one of Dana's children was identified as autistic, the case manager arranged for an evaluation of and treatment for the child, as well as support services for the family. Support from a BayLegal advocate helped Dana to achieve safety and to focus on her legal case. With BayLegal's help, she won sole custody of her children, secured child and spousal support, and obtained $9,000 in housing funds. Dana and her children have now moved into permanent safe housing, the children are continuing with their counseling and treatment plans, and Dana plan to return to school to become a pharmacist.