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17 E. Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Ste. 100
Larkspur,  CA 94939
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We provide skilled adult/pediatric hospice/palliative home care, counseling/social work, spiritual/volunteer support and bereavement services to terminally ill patients and loved ones.

Success Story

Sam was 12 years old when his dad died suddenly. Sam's mom was struggling with her grief, so he felt he had to be strong - not cry or act sad. But when his grades began to fall, Sam's mom sought help through Hospice By The Bay's Youth Bereavement Program. Over time, Sam and his youth counselor talked about his dad's death. Ever since his dad died, Sam told her, he felt "life wasn't real," that he "lived in a big cloud." He felt angry with his dad for leaving him and sad that he wouldn't be around to watch him grow. With his counselor, Sam drew pictures of the cloud, of his family without his dad, and of his favorite memories of time with his dad. Sam now reports that the cloud has vanished. He and his mom are closer than ever. And Sam is working hard to get all A's and B's in school, because, he says, "My dad would be proud of me."

It's a myth that children and teens heal quickly from loss. In truth, their unresolved grief can cause emotional difficulties throughout their lives. Our licensed youth counselors provide one-on-one and group counseling, including healing activities designed for kids, such as art and storytelling. Camp Erin™, our summer youth grief camp, brings these kids together so they know they are not alone. Hospice By The Bay works with parents, schools, and youth programs in the community, helping them to recognize and respond to grieving children.