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Provides support for new parents/prenatal diagnosis, advocacy and referral for school-age children and innovative services for teens and adults with Down syndrome, as well as education for healthcare and medical professionals.

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Success Story

New Parents

When our daughter Rachel was born we had no idea that she had Down Syndrome, so when my husband and I found out, we were so scared. Right away my husband found the NADS website and it brought us so much hope. We began to embrace the idea of having a child with Down syndrome. Then, much to my surprise a woman from NADS called me in my hospital room to further encourage us and to congratulate us! She told me that she has a son with Down syndrome and she answered my questions and it felt so good to talk to a mom who had been in my shoes. She was positive and she gave me hope for my daughter and for our family. After I got home from the hospital, NADS sent another parent to visit us - she came to welcome Rachel and again gave us hope and encouragement. We have learned a lot from the NADS.

Our daughter is now 8 months old and is doing great. She is such a blessing and really has brought our family so much joy. May God continue to bless this organization with people dedicated to helping others.

A NADS Family